What Make City Limit So Versatile?

Our Mission:  a super versatile song list that keeps people dancing and listening.

  • Variety : Our extensive song list spans a diverse range of musical genres.
  • We Keeep The Music Coming: 10 seconds rarely elapses between songs, with frequent medleys
  • A Lot of Music: We play more than 32 songs on a typical night. (Our song list is nearly 100 songs)
  • Audience Interaction:  Lead singer uses wireless mic, moves among the audience to tables and dances with patrons.

Our Strategy: Great musicians with great attitude & showmanship

A Great Lead Singer:   Clinton Young. Possibly the best all around male rock singer in E.ast TN, a blend of Tom Jones, Huey Lewis, Delbert McClinton and Prince in 1 guy.

Great Saxmen:    "Super" Dave Eckman is our lead guy, but we bring in the jazzy Will Boyd and Robert Knapp without missing a beat.

A Secret Weapon:   Keys Man Neil Gillespie is a 2-handed wizard,  producing everything from B3 Organ & Piano to Horns, strings and special effects simultaneously.

Great Sax & Keyboard Blend:  Neil & Dave blend a real sax sound and customized keyboard horn section patches for a terrific big band sound from a 6 piece band.

Deliciously Tasty Guitar:    Roger Coleman is one of the cleanest, tastiest players you'll hear. Gives every song exactly what it needs.

The Ultimate Pocket Drummer: John Baisden is an incredibly steady,  yet funky timeclock with delightfully tasty fills, skills and licks.

"Double D" on Bass:  Darryl Dardar. "If a driving funky band you want to be, you've got to have Double-D" - Yoda