Darryl Dardar

Bassist Darryl Dardar has played with some monster bands out of Georgia and now City Limit is privileged to add his funky, punchy, and powerful bass to our sound.

Darryl’s superpower is “groove”. He locks in the beat with the drummer to create the “Dance Groove” City Limit fans love. Just listen to his work on "KIss", Uptown Funk and "Get Down Tonight".

No slave to the root note, Darryl moves up and down the scale to create harmonic in addition to rhythmic motion. He uses picking position and strength to create a variety of sounds from his rig. One listen to the funky, punchy yet powerful sound he has and you'll agree. City Limit is blessed to have "Double D".

Darryl grew up in a musical family, playing gospel, country, and anything else he could learn from family and friends at age 9. His biggest influences were his Dad, a jazz guitarist in the 40’s and 50’s, James Jamerson from Motown days, Tower of Power great Rocco Prestia from the 70’s, Chuck Rainey, and others.

"The Image" was his first high school rock band, following up with "First Class", a south regional beach music group. He then went on the road with “Hot Ice”, an 80’s rock band…...spandex and all!

Darryl uses a Warick passive bass with an Ampeg BA500 cabinet.